Pure DHA Source

OMEDHA - Pure Algae Omega-3 DHA for Pregnant and Nursing Mums 
Omedha™ is a perinatal DHA-rich supplement made from SOURCE OIL™, a super-pure and all natural source of water extracted DHA Chromista oil. Omedha™ contains up to 99% DHA-triglycerides. This pure-fraction also matches the body and brain's needs for Omega-3s with much better ratios than fish oil.

Chromista oils contain mainly DHA with some EPA omega-3 fatty acids. Chromista is the Kingdom name for the algae Schizochytrium sp. Chromista oil is a common scientific name used to define a category of DHA-rich algae oils.  

Our Quality Statements: 


  • Sizhochytrium sp. from Chromista kingdom has no reports of toxicity or pathogenicity
  • Natural triglceride DHA extract, blended with organic flavors
  • GUARANTEED FREE OF: fish, animal products, wheat, gluten, diary, yeast, soy, hexane, fragrance, dye, PCBs and radioactive elements
  • Untouched by marine food chains
  • Manufactured in the USA GMP compliant and in facilities registered with the FDA
  • Sourcing only the best in the world
  • Hexane Free, Water Extracted

Best Compliance:

  • Easy to use in a smaller clinical dose, scientifically optimized to give 350 mg DHA per serving
  • No strong odor, no aftertaste, no reflux, rarely associated with nausea or intestinal discomfort 
  • Universal appeal, suitable for everyone, including those with cultural and religious food specializations

Most Stable:

  • Oxidation level stable for 2 years

Socially Responsible:

  • Algae oil is one of the most sustainable sources of DHA on earth
  • No risk of overfishing. No interference on marine ecosystems

Most fish oils and algae oils are extracted with hexane. Some algae oils are alcohol extracted, which is similar to hexane processing. These are considered safe, non-reactive solvents used to separate out only the fats away from other cell materials. These methods do not separate the different types of fats, whereas water extraction does.
What concerns consumers seems to be the possibility of introducing trace levels of residual solvents and pollutants into a product from solvent processing. These consumer sentiments have tended to broaden into a general preference for non-solvent extracted food oils.

With ingredient processing through water extraction, Omedha™ does not involve any hexanes or alcohols at any step. Water extraction is a physical process that isolates oils without solvents and free of cellular contaminants, producing the purest naturally processed algae oil available. 
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