SOURCE-OMEGA Features First International Algae Product Standards (IAPS) Certified Supplement

December, 2013

Mason, OH, December 04, 2013 --( SOURCE-OMEGA, the leader in DHA algal oil breakthroughs since 2008, today announced the first ever product certified by International Algae Product Standards (IAPS). The company recently manufactured mini-softgels with 350 mg DHA. The IAPS logo will be used on capsule product labels.

IAPS was developed by industry leadership in Canada. The new algae certification was adapted using the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) program to best serve algae oil in finished products.

Unlike fish oils, algae oils have not been independently monitored by trade groups. However, consumer groups have been critical of algae oil solvent extraction processes for making products.

"In 2011, SOURCE-OMEGA started developing SOURCE OIL™, a branded water extracted algae oil. Water extraction achieves oil clarity by removing the ubiquitous sediments and potential residues of solvent extracted oils. We make the first clear oil-in-capsule from algae, silica and lecithin free and without solvents. Now the PURE ONE® capsule is certified IAPS, to further confirm product quality and Non-GMO status," said Dr Scott Doughman, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer.

Their certificate-of-analysis (CofA) suggests levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are the most striking improvement over fish oil, at 200 to 500 fold lower PCB levels. For PCBs, PURE ONE capsules meet or exceed the actual purity levels of filtered water.

About Source-Omega and Dr Doughman
Dr Scott Doughman founded Source-Omega in 2007 to build specialized independent algae omega-3 products. His scientific and regulatory experience in supply chain management, licensing and branding has successfully aided the development of new omega-3 products over the past six years. The company operates in Chapel Hill North Carolina and Mason Ohio. In 2012, his strategy, substantiation and marketing helped launch SOURCE OIL™, a premium bulk algae DHA supply for commercial distribution to US manufacturers. Dr. Doughman has authored two peer review articles on algae oil omega-3s (Curr. Diabetes Rev., 2007; Int. J. Diabetes in Dev. Count., 2013). His insight into omega-3 metabolism has attracted attention in the scientific community and he understands the global need for omega-3 DHA. Source-Omega funded the recent review study (Doughman et al., 2013), building consensus into algae oil omega-3 utility and safety for the public health.



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